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Wedding Tastings & Consultations

  • We are currently not offering sit down tastings.

  • In-home tasting samples are available for pick up in our Watsonville store and can be ordered online. For consultations to discuss details of the order and design, you can book a phone consultation time in calendar below. 

  • We are available for all 2021 wedding dates and do not expect any dates to fill up.  We can take orders up to 3 weeks before your wedding date.  If your wedding is less than 3 weeks away, please inquire, and we will do our best to accommodate. 

  • You can book with us with a $100 secure the date deposit.  

  • Order payments are fully refundable (less $50 administration fee) up until 3 weeks before the wedding.  Payments do not expire and can be applied to future dates if change is required. 

*** Currently NOT available ***
Scheduling a Tasting with Freedom Bakery

We are excited for you, few events in one's life are as significant as wedding another. At Freedom Bakery we have the pleasure of participating in your day by creating one of the most memorable elements, your wedding cake, and treats. As a family bakery, there is a tremendous amount of pride in pleasing you and your guests, this starts with our complimentary tastings.  We have two locations for tastings:

Monterey Office (444 Pearl Street):  Tasting times available most Saturday afternoons February to September. 

Watsonville Store (125 Hangar Way):  Tasting times available all year round on most Tuesday to Thursday & Saturdays.

Book A Tasting With Calendar Below!  

What to Expect at Your Tasting
During your tasting, you will meet with one of the owners - Paul or Anna, or our head decorator, Nina.  Consultations usually last about 30 to 45 minutes for cakes and 45 minutes to an hour for cakes & desserts. For the tasting, please be sure to bring any color swatches and ideas you already have in mind for your wedding day. If you have already booked your venue, we will likely be able to share details of what setup for your wedding will entail.

Our complimentary tasting includes all nine standard cake flavors.  For couples looking for cupcakes, you'll get an idea of flavors through our cake samples.  For those looking for desserts, (once you select a tasting location) please choose the dessert sample option under "What Would You Like To Sample."  We provide (in addition to cake samples) a cream puff, tartlet, a blondie, and a brownie.  These dessert types will give you an idea of the shells used for desserts, and the mousse cream filling in the cake samples will give you a good sense of flavor options for the desserts.  Book Your Tasting Below!  

Sit Down Tasting Alternative
If you can't find a suitable tasting time, To-Go tasting plates are available for pick up in our Monterey office or Watsonville store.  You can then book a phone consultation to discuss details. For Monterey Pick Up plates, we will send you a confirmation email with any details or instructions on picking up from our office location. If you do not receive instructions please give us a call at 831-722-5223

Click Here to order a cake tasting plate

Tastings may be booked up to 6 weeks in advance. Monterey tastings are available February through September. Watsonville tastings available all year round.  For any questions, please contact us at 831-722-5223 or