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Wedding & Anniversary Cakes

Freedom Bakery Wedding Cakes

We offer nine (9) standard & delicious cake flavor choices on our wedding cakes. While each tier can have its flavor we recommend no more than two for ease of serving. We assemble our cakes in house and deliver to your wedding venue, we also offer cake pick ups from our Watsonville location on cakes up to three tiers.

Wedding Party Pleasing Flavors
Our cakes have been thoughtfully put together to hopefully hit flavor notes you never knew you wanted in cake. Please view our selection below:

  1. Mango Coconut Breeze: White Cake with Mango Coconut Mousse
  2. Raspberry Preserve & Italian Lemon Mousse in a White cake.
  3. Salted Caramel Mousse Cream in a a White cake.
  4. Boston Cream Pie: White Cake with Belgian Chocolate Ganache and Bavarian Cream
  5. Raspberry Preserve & Amaretto Mousse in a Black & White cake.
  6. Oreo Cookies & Cream in a Black & White cake.
  7. Mocha-Latte: Latte ganache with chocolate mousse in a Black & White cake.
  8. The Monterey: Belgian Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Mousse in a Chocolate cake. 
  9. Red Velvet:  White Chocolate Cream Cheese Mousse in a Red Velvet Cake.
Custom Cake Flavors
Special made-to-order flavors are available upon request. We can bake a custom sample after we gain an understanding of the flavor profile you would like to achieve. Please email wedding@freedombakery.com with what you're looking for, and we'll get back to you with information on custom samples and any fees required for us to test the flavors for which you are searching.
Book your tasting appointment online today! 

Cake Table & Floral Setups

With our standard delivery and setup, we bring the wedding cake into the reception room and set the cake up on the stand or table. We will also add on the cake topper if there is one. If your cake topper is on the heavier side, please be sure to let us know to prepare the cake with extra support for the weight of the topper. If fresh flowers are part of the decor, the florist on site then finishes most cakes. 

We can send a decorator who is familiar with setting up flowers on wedding cakes - if your florist is unable to decorate the cake for any reason. Please note: your florist must still provide the flowers, this is so the flowers used for the cake will match the rest your wedding day decor. Additional charges vary depending on how much set up is required. See our cake price sheet for additional information.

Cake Pricing & Budgeting
We price our cakes based on the size and design of the cake.  See our Wedding Cake & Dessert Menu for serving and pricing information of different cake sizes. You can get an idea of what standard designs include by viewing our portfolio on Pinterest - on the bottom of each pin, you can view if that particular decoration is part of our standard pricing.  

Check out our Price Sheet for additional details: Cake & Dessert Menu 

Cake Stands & Risers
Cake stands must be provided by the couple, except for the venues listed below. When purchasing (or renting) your cake stands, make sure the flat area where the cake sits is at least the size of the cake board noted in your order confirmation. Experience has taught us that you should physically reconfirm the diameter once you receive your stand to ensure it is the correct size. If the cake stand is smaller than the cake board, contact us before ordering.

If you are using a rental company for the wedding, you can generally rent a stand. The stand is then delivered & picked up at the same time as the other rentals. It is recommended you confirm with your caterer or event venue how they will manage the cake stand.

Freedom Bakery has Silver Risers for use without charge on-site at the following venues:

Asilomar Conference Grounds Bernardus Lodge
Bayonet Golf Course The Gatherings
Highlands Inn Holman Ranch
La Playa Hotel Monterey Plaza
Mission Ranch  Perry House
Seascape Golf Seascape Resort