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Custom Logo & Photo Cookies

Branded Logo Cookie Favors and GiftsMost companies that sell logo cookies print your logo on edible paper, while this makes it easy to produce pretty logos it makes it near impossible to create a good tasting cookie. When your customer bites into an edible-paper cookie, the cookie tears instead of snapping like paper-free cookies and as they chew the paper moistens and becomes pasty or gummy. There is often an unpleasant somewhat bitter aftertaste, and this is why overwhelmingly sugar cookies are the choice of logo cookie companies to mask the bitterness.

Unwilling to accept the pasty nature and unpleasant aftertaste of edible paper and labels, or reliance on sugar to make palatable cookies we pioneered paper-free direct printing of logos and images on delicious butter shortbread cookies. The goal was to create logo cookies that have a rich, complex flavor, that customers want more of and combine your brand with a positive memory across the senses.

Today, over four million shortbread logo and photo cookies later, it is clear our stubbornness as bakers not to settle for anything that did not taste every bit as good as it looks was just as important to our customers as it was to us. We are proud to bake custom printed logo cookies matched to the most demanding branding guidelines or color specifications on delicious butter shortbreads in as little as three days. We can even do it is less if you have a rush order.